Q. What is a StrongBox™?

A. The StrongBox™ is a safe and reusable method for shipping fine art. The StrongBox™ eliminates the need for crating and can be assembled quickly and easily. The StrongBox™ has been approved by all major air and ground carriers for transporting fine art. The StrongBox™ contains three layers of foam which provides shock resistance to your fine art. The top and bottom layers of the convoluted foam allow the artwork to remain suspended as it rests on peaks. This suspension effect is what makes our containers suitable for shipping art with glass as it diverts the shock away from the pressure points of the frame. The middle layer of foam fills the center of the container and is perforated into small 1 inch cubes.

Q. How do I assemble the StrongBox™?

A. The StrongBox™ is easy to assemble. Once received, open the container; remove the top layer of foam and lay your artwork in the center of the middle layer of perforated foam. Mark around the four corners of the frame; remove the art and tear the perforation within the parameters outlined. This creates a window for your art to custom fit the container. Place the top layer of foam on top and close the container using the self closing tabs.

Please take a moment to watch our instructional video. The Original StrongBox™ is the superior and most efficient method to ship your fine art.

Instruction sheets are included in each StrongBox™.

Q. What is a PrintPad?

A. The PrintPad is a product for shipping unframed pieces, such as prints or photographs, which should be shipped flat rather than rolled. The PrintPad is constructed of a long scored pad, four corners, and a sleeve.

Q. How do I assemble a PrintPad?

A. Center your print in the middle of the upper layer of the long scored piece of double-wall corrugated and fold the corners to fit your piece. Place a six inch piece of tape around each corner which will adhere your print to the pad. Insert the pad into outer sleeve and tape each end.

Instruction sheets are included with each PrintPad.

Q. What is Glas-Skin?

A. A Glas-Skin, while not intended to keep the glass from breaking, is a low tack adhesive that holds glass away from artwork and leaves no residue once it is removed. While rare, should the glass break during shipping, the Glas-Skin keeps it away from the art, thus preserving the integrity of the piece. Glas-Skin is suitable for museum quality glass.

Q. What is the difference between a Lined and an Unlined product?

A. The lined product are manufactured with an ABS plastic puncture guard liner and provides each carton or PrintPad with puncture proof resistance of 3/8″ plywood without the actual weight. The ABS liner in the PrintPad gives additional protection against bends or creases in your print.

Q. Can your products be reused?

A. Yes. The StrongBox™ and PrintPads are designed to be reused.

Q. Is the StrongBox™ suitable for shipping very expensive artwork?

A. Yes. The StrongBox™ was designed to ship expensive artwork while eliminating the need for crating. The damage rate is much lower using the StrongBox™ as it provides absorbent protection that crating does not offer.

Q. Do you offer custom sizes?

A. Yes. Should you have a piece that our stock containers will not accomodate, you may contact us with the size needed and we build per your request. Please contact us for quotes on any custom sizeed container.

Q. Do you offer quantity discounts?

A. Yes. We offer case discount pricing.

Q. Do you work with art competitions and shows throughout the country?

A. Yes. We work with a large number of competitions and some endorse us exclusively while other shows offer a discount for entrance into the show if the piece is packed into an Airfloat StrongBox™.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Orders may be placed via our website (www.airfloatsys.com) or call our toll-free number 1-800-445-2580). All major credit cards are accepted.