PrintPad, a container within a container, eliminates the worry of damaged prints by nestling your prints inside multiple layers of protection. PrintPad is available in a variety of sizes - perfect for all your shipping needs.

PrintPad – Customized, affordable, shipping security for your prints.

Eliminate the worry of damaged prints with protective PrintPads from Airfloat. An Airfloat PrintPad is a container within a container, which means your print is nestled inside multiple layers of protection. The “Lined” version comes with the Puncture Guard Liner. The liner is made from high grade ABS plastic that offers the puncture resistance of 3/8″ plywood without the weight. PrintPads come in the following sizes: 17” x 22”, 24” x 34”, 30″ x 36″, 32″ x 45″, 34″ x 54″ and 42″ x 54″. And you can customize your package further with adjustable corner triangles that create a snug fit for your shipment. For all your printed artwork shipping needs, choose PrintPad for secure piece of mind and reliable shipping. Please call us toll free at 800.445.2580 for quantity discounts.